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Our impact

How we fight food insecurity among our students

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We receive donations from local organizations, businesses and community members weekly.

Our dedicated drivers and volunteers tirelessly collect food donations and ensure their safe delivery to our central warehouse.

Food donations are meticulously stored, systematically allocated, and carefully sorted in preparation for distribution day.

Distribution Day:

A day of community and sustainability!

In collaboration with our partner colleges, we bring a variety of food and other essentials directly to campus, offering it to students at no cost.

Our impact since 2020...

SLB was established in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact, which led to the sudden closure

of institutions, including colleges and universities, resulting in job losses, financial hardships, and increased food insecurity among students. From the start, SLB engaged a network of colleges, universities, and generous donors, inviting them to be part of a united front against campus hunger. Through exceptional collaborations with esteemed organizations, numerous businesses in Los Angeles and the community, SLB has established itself as a prominent and influential force in combating campus hunger.

These successes have been made possible through the support of generous donors, enabling us to expand operations and reach more college students. In just under two years, Student LunchBox has transformed from a fledgling initiative into one of the most sought-after and competitive nonprofits addressing college food insecurity in Los Angeles.

Our student stories...

Student reviews are collected through confidential surveys conducted by our partner pantries on behalf of Student LunchBox
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