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Student LunchBox Wins Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation's 2023 Local Impact Grants Challenge!

Updated: Jan 28

Students and Volunteers at Cal State LA & Student LunchBox Pop-up

We are proud to announce that Student LunchBox is a winner of The Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation's 2023 Local Impact Grants Challenge. The Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation is granting nearly $2.5 million this year to non-profits strengthening our communities. This prestigious award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to addressing campus hunger and strengthening the communities we serve. (Article in Spanish)

Grant awards like this help us achieve our mission by driving our local communities forward. This grant represents more than just financial support; it signifies a shared vision for community development, equity, and inclusion. At Student LunchBox, our mission has always been to combat the pressing issue of campus hunger. With this competitive grant, we are excited to reinforce our dedication to this mission and further empower our local communities. We believe in the transformative power of collaborative efforts and the importance of fostering an inclusive culture.

This grant opens up new opportunities for Student LunchBox. We are committed to utilizing the funding to enhance our capacity significantly, investing in SLB's warehousing initiatives, and ensuring we can meet the ever-increasing demand for our services within our communities. Our goal is to create a more robust and efficient system that will effectively combat campus hunger and contribute to the success of college students.

With this grant, we are not merely receiving an award but embarking on a journey of growth, impact, and positive change. We see this as an affirmation of our mission, and we are excited to share this remarkable opportunity with our dedicated supporters, volunteers, and partners.

We sincerely thank the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation for recognizing our work and supporting our cause. Together, we are taking a significant step forward in the fight against food insecurity among college students, making higher education more accessible and equitable for all.

Thank you for standing by us on this incredible journey. Your continued support fuels our determination to create a world where no college student should have to choose between education and access to food. We look forward to sharing our progress and accomplishments with you as we embark on this exciting new chapter.

Contact: Any questions regarding Local Impact Grants can be emailed to


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