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Building a Bridge Between
Food waste and College Hunger

Student LunchBox (SLB) is a 501(c)3 approved, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization committed to fighting food insecurity among college students. We realize our program by soliciting and distributing food and other essentials to all college students who otherwise cannot afford balanced meals. 

Recent studies indicate that 1 in 3 college students do not have the financial means to sustain their living, leading to food insecurity, directly impacting student graduation rates. SLB is an essential resource that responds quickly with one of the most critical resources students need: food.

Our approach to fighting campus hunger is simple. We build partnerships with local businesses and distributors, community retailers, local food growers, farmer markets, food banks, and other partners who donate safe and nutritious foods that otherwise would end up in landfills. 

 As a charitable food distributor, our prime responsibility is to support environmental sustainability, help reduce waste and support college students who do not have enough to eat.


Proudly serving colleges and universities in Los Angeles County.  



Meet the Board

Karlen Nurijanyan  
Chief Executive Officer

Karlen Nurijanyan M.P.A has an extensive background in operations management and project management. He has progressive experience driving HR and Operations project lifecycles from initiation to execution and systematically improving business processes through strategic planning and cross-functional management of people and programs. Before launching Student LunchBox, Karlen supported companies across diverse industries with a heavy focus on Human Resources and Operations, including Personal Care Services, Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Healthcare, and Retail. He is currently leading the operations at Student LunchBox, a nonprofit organization that combats food insecurity among college students.

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Marco Gonzalez
Chief Financial Officer

Marco Gonalez is a professional accountant with nearly 15 years in the profession. He has worked across different industries, including state government, and he now works in the affordable housing industry, providing communities across the country with a safe and desirable place to live within reach. He brings robust accounting and financial experience to serve Student LunchBox needs as a member of the board and acting Chief Financial Officer, where he oversees compliance and reporting.


Dr. Irene Yaymajian
Board President


Dr. Yaymadjian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Yaymadjian is the founder of Hillside Wellness Center, a nonprofit organization in Sherman Oaks dedicated to providing affordable mental health services to individuals and families in need. Dr. Yaymadjian is passionate about helping her community, especially working with mothers and new parents who need support and guidance. She currently serves on the board at Student LunchBox. She supports organizational development and food donor outreach program to ensure SLB always has enough goods to support college students in need.


Janine Roberts
Board Member Marketing 


Janine Roberts has been a marketing strategist within the financial services industry for over 10 years. She jumpstarted her career directing marketing programs, brand management, and corporate communications for European and US markets. Throughout her career, Janine’s passion has been to help small business owners achieve their operational goals by developing strategies that align with the needs of consumers. She launched a speaking series to assist entrepreneurs and corporate executives in crafting personal brand strategies for growth and development. Currently, Janine serves as a board member at Student LunchBox. She provides her expertise in brand management and develops strategies to increase SLB’s exposure in the nonprofit arena in Los Angeles and beyond.  

Meet the Volunteers

Norberg- Allison_edited.jpg

Allison Norberg
Volunteer Copywriter


Mark Belardo
Volunteer Grant Writer


Jennifer Wyman
Volunteer Editor


Richard Ridjan
Volunteer Distribution Coordinator



Casey Perez
Volunteer Distribution Coordinator


Brenda Meyer
Volunteer Grants


Anahit Tataryan
Volunteer Distribution Coordinator

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