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Profiles of Impact: The Student LunchBox Board

Kelly Alarcon, Board Member, Student LunchBox, Inc.

Kelly Alarcon, Board Member, Student LunchBox, Inc

Kelly Alarcon is a professional nutrition and health educator at Food Finders, a food rescue organization dedicated to reducing hunger and improving nutrition in communities. Her professional journey began in the automotive industry, where she spent over 25 years enhancing her skills in client relations and operations management. This extensive experience allowed Kelly to develop invaluable expertise in leadership, organizational development, and project management. Driven by a passion for nutrition and health education, Kelly embarked on a new path, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from California State University Long Beach. This transition not only allowed her to pursue her calling but also deepened her understanding of the profound impact that access to nutritious food can have on individuals and communities. Kelly's dedication to serving those in need found a natural outlet at Food Finders, where she serves communities experiencing hunger and homelessness. This experience solidified her belief in the transformative power of community outreach. Kelly's journey has been shaped by a personal encounter with food insecurity during her college years. Faced with the challenge of skipping meals or relying on nutritionally deficient options, she experienced firsthand the struggles many students endure. As a board member at Student LunchBox, Kelly brings her wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to addressing campus hunger. Her passion for community well-being and leadership skills contribute to SLB’s continued success within the scope of corporate sponsorships and food procurement.

Laurie Settle, Board Chair, Student LunchBox, Inc.   

Laurie Settle, Board Chair, Student LunchBox, Inc. ,

Laurie Settle is a visionary leader who has seamlessly transitioned from a successful 15-year career in healthcare and retail to a life dedicated to community service. With an unwavering commitment to supporting underserved populations, Laurie has become a driving force in the nonprofit sector. As senior director of programs and product acquisition at the FoodBank of Southern California, Laurie's exceptional relationship-building skills, project management expertise, and community outreach efforts have been instrumental in the organization's success. Her innovative approach to combating food insecurity is exemplified by her spearheading bi-weekly food distribution events, which not only provide essential nourishment but also foster a sense of unity and hope within the communities she serves. Laurie's passion for environmental sustainability is deeply intertwined with her mission to alleviate hunger. By creating a robust network of donors, nonprofits, and community members, she has pioneered initiatives that rescue food from waste, ensuring that precious resources are redirected to those who need them most. In addition to her transformative work at the FoodBank of Southern California, Laurie's dedication to social impact extends to her role as board chair at Student LunchBox. Her strategic guidance, tireless efforts to secure food donations, and meticulous organization of special events have been pivotal in empowering the organization to support students effectively.  Her visionary leadership, coupled with her steadfast dedication to community service and environmental stewardship, positions her as a trailblazer in the fight against campus hunger and a champion for a more sustainable future. 

Karlen Nurijanyan, MPA, CEO, Student LunchBox, Inc                                                  

Karlen Nurijanyan, MPA, CEO & Founder, Student LunchBox, Inc

Karlen Nurijanyan, the CEO of Student LunchBox, is an accomplished nonprofit leader with a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to serving the community. From a young age, Karlen demonstrated his dedication to community service by working as a Media-Advertising Coordinator at the Pan-Armenian International Volunteer Youth Center, a Nonprofit Organization. In this role, he excelled in marketing and media outreach, helping the organization provide valuable opportunities for youth to showcase their talents in arts and music. Karlen's passion for community service was further fueled by his personal experience with food insecurity while pursuing his Associate's degree. This firsthand encounter with the challenges of hunger ignited a deep commitment to addressing college student food insecurity, ultimately leading to the founding of Student LunchBox in 2020. After graduating from UCLA, Karlen began a multifaceted career in HR, Operations, and Program Management. His diverse experiences gave him a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and effective leadership. Karlen's journey culminated in the founding of Student LunchBox, a dream he had nurtured for a decade. Since its inception in 2020, he has tirelessly dedicated himself to addressing college student food insecurity. As the leader of Student LunchBox, Karlen oversees all aspects of the organization, from fundraising and donor relations to marketing and operations, impacting the lives of over 4500 students monthly.

Marco Gonzalez, Board Treasurer, Student LunchBox, Inc

Marco Gonzalez, Board Treasurer, Student LunchBox, Inc

Marco Gonzalez is an accomplished accountant with an impressive 15-year tenure, characterized by a steadfast commitment to staying current with evolving guidelines and standards. His dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others has been a driving force since his early career. Throughout his journey, Marco has actively contributed to various charitable organizations, including Run/Walk for Cancer, Teach for America, The Trevor Project, Dance Marathon for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, GLAAD, and Reading to Kids. His passion for philanthropy has allowed him to touch lives and make a meaningful difference in diverse communities. Marco's professional expertise extends across various industries: public universities, investment fundraising, and private equity management. His current role at Lincoln Avenue Communities, an affordable housing industry leader, underscores his commitment to providing safe and desirable living environments to communities across the United States. As a dedicated professional, Marco Gonzalez brings to Student LunchBox a wealth of experience in accounting and finance. As a board member/treasurer and the Chief Financial Officer, he plays a pivotal role in the organization's financial administration and fiscal reporting, ensuring its continued success in addressing college food insecurity.

Armine Badalyan, Board Secretary, Student LunchBox, Inc                                               

Armine Badalyan, Board Secretary, Student LunchBox, Inc

Armineh Badalyan boasts an impressive five-year international volunteer leadership track record, specializing in Erasmus+ European Volunteering Programs and focusing on education, training, and social services for disadvantaged youth in Italy. In this capacity, she adeptly oversaw program operations through close collaboration with partner organizations across Europe, including those within Italy. Armineh's enduring commitment to community engagement can be traced back to her university years when she assumed the pivotal role of President of the Student Council. Her tenure in this position showcased her unwavering dedication to aiding those in need and her exceptional ability to source donors for orphanages and nursing homes. In 2022, Armineh served as a frontline volunteer team leader, providing vital assistance to injured soldiers during the war in Armenia and actively supporting international outreach initiatives to secure humanitarian aid. Recently, she successfully completed her studies in Human Resource Management in England UK, which equipped her with invaluable insights into management and organizational dynamics. Armineh remains an active and indispensable contributor to Student LunchBox, where she extends her expertise in public relations, donor relations, and volunteer supervision and coordination.

Janine Roberts, Board Member, Student LunchBox, Inc       


Janine Roberts, Board Member, Student LunchBox, Inc

Janine Roberts is a seasoned marketing strategist with an impressive track record spanning over a decade in the financial services industry. Her journey in this dynamic field began with her leadership in directing marketing programs, brand management, and corporate communications, catering to European and U.S. markets. Throughout her distinguished career, Janine has exhibited an unwavering passion for empowering small business owners to achieve their operational goals by developing consumer-centric strategies. Janine's commitment to fostering growth extends beyond her professional role. She initiated a speaking series to guide entrepreneurs and corporate executives in crafting personalized brand strategies for their growth and development, demonstrating her dedication to nurturing talent and expertise in others. Currently, Janine holds the esteemed position of a board member at Student LunchBox, where she leverages her extensive expertise in brand management to develop strategies that enhance SLB's visibility and impact in the nonprofit sector, not only within Los Angeles but also on a broader scale. Her commitment to empowering small businesses and her strategic vision contribute significantly to SLB's efforts to combat college student food insecurity and create a brighter future for those in need.



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