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Student LunchBox Wish List

As a small charity, Student LunchBox is mainly funded by our Board Members and by individual donors to fulfill our mission. Currently, our organization has a very small Wish-List that will support our operations and helps us accomplish so much more. 

We are grateful to all the donors who grant us an opportunity to fulfill our Wish-List. 

All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



With personal vehicles in service, Student LunchBox is always looking for opportunities to obtain bigger cargo vehicles to deliver more supplies on weekly basis. We appreciate the generosity of donors who can fulfill this wish. 

Gasoline Gift certificates

The most expensive expense Student LunchBox incurs is gasoline. With your gasoline gift card donations, we will deliver goods to students without worrying that we will ever run out of gas. We thank you for your support. 


We are open to sponsorship opportunities to help us fulfill our mission. All sponsorships are welcome, including for-profit, and non-profit organizations who are interested in our mission and are ready to help by becoming the ambassadors of their communities. 

Distribution Warehouse

We are tirelessly looking for a store-front, or a distribution center, where we can welcome students in person to provide goods. Currently, we only supply campus food pantries by solicitation and distribution and look forward to securing our own location for more distribution opportunities. 

Storage Unit

As part of our distribution program, we currently rely on a 10 x 10 small warehouse where we store our goods. It is indispensable to our mission to be able to store as much supply possible, so we can expend our weekly deliveries to different campuses, thus a donation of a storage or a warehouse space is our primary wish as a charity. 

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