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Student LunchBox Wish List

Student LunchBox relies on the generosity of our board members and donors to fulfill our mission of providing healthy food options for college students in need. As a small charity, we carefully steward every donation to maximize our impact.

Currently, we have a focused wishlist of critical items that will exponentially improve our capacity to nourish more young minds and bodies. By granting items from our wishlist, donors empower our staff and volunteers to nourish hundreds more college students each day with fresh, nutritious food.

We are profoundly grateful to our community for supporting our wishlist. Your donations directly help us execute our mission and actively contribute to a brighter and more promising tomorrow.


All gifts are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consider granting an item from our wishlist today to help nourish the future through our Student LunchBox program.

REach-In Refrigeration

A reach-in refrigerator would greatly increase our capacity to store perishable foods donated to our program. This would allow us to accept more nutritious dairy, produce, meats, and other perishable items to create fresh, balanced meals. Currently, our limited refrigeration restricts how much we can store. The increased space would reduce food waste while providing students with healthier, higher-quality meals with ample fruits, vegetables, and protein goods. 

Small REfrigiration and Freezer Units

Our partner pantries lack refrigeration to store nutritious perishable donations. Small refrigerator and freezer units would enable them to stock more fresh produce, dairy, and meats for students to prepare balanced meals. Refrigeration allows pantries to preserve perishables longer and reduce waste. More units would translate directly to healthier options and improved nutrition for underserved students struggling with food insecurity. We aim to equip our pantries with reliable refrigeration to safely store and distribute more wholesome perishable foods essential to fighting hunger.

Gasoline Gift certificates

At Student LunchBox, rising transportation costs are one of our largest expenses. Our team logs hundreds of miles rescuing and distributing groceries to college students facing hunger. Gas gift cards are essential to powering these food delivery operations allowing us to focus limited

funds on procuring fresh, healthy food options while keeping our fleet fueled to serve students in need across Los Angeles County. Each donated gallon directly supports miles driven to bring groceries to underserved college communities.


Sponsorships are vital to empowering Student LunchBox's mission of providing nutritious meals to college students facing food insecurity. As a small nonprofit, we rely on partner organizations to generously support our food distribution programs across local campuses. These crucial funds allow us to cover core operating costs and get food to students in need. Sponsorships directly translate to more food for youths facing food insecurity. We could not run our program without the support of mission-aligned corporations and foundations.  We are profoundly grateful to every organization that sponsors Student LunchBox to help end campus hunger.

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