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UX Project Spotlight: Student LunchBox’s Digital Makeover

Updated: 5 days ago

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a robust web presence is essential, especially for impact-driven organizations. Recognizing the need to enhance their digital interface to better support economically disadvantaged college students, Student LunchBox sought out Harness Projects’ UX/UI design services.

Empowering Change: The Student LunchBox Story Founded in 2020 by Karlen Nurijanyan amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Student LunchBox was driven by Karlen's personal battle with food insecurity. This deep understanding of the student’s plight during tough times propelled him to establish an organization dedicated to providing essential meal services across Los Angeles County, tackling the challenges of college life with adequate nutritional support.

Transforming online interactions with a crucial yet outdated website, Student LunchBox approached Harness Projects for a necessary digital overhaul. Harness Projects, leveraging its expertise in UX for startups and digital design services, facilitated a project where dedicated learners from our Online UX Design Career Launcher Course redesigned the site. This real-world project, involving substantial contributions in UX/UI development and web design and UX, resulted in a more engaging and user-friendly platform. The updated site now effectively communicates the organization’s mission and streamlines interactions with donors and volunteers.

The Role of UX/UI Design in Nonprofits. The refreshed website exemplifies how strategic user experience design and user interface design can profoundly enhance an organization’s outreach and user interaction. This initiative not only advanced Student LunchBox’s operational goals but also served as a practical application of UX/UI optimization techniques, enriching the UX/UI portfolios of the participants involved.

Partner with Us for Tailored UX/UI Solutions. Is your business looking to enhance its digital performance or create impactful user experiences? Harness Projects offers comprehensive UX design services provided by up to 14 upskilling professionals, mentored by industry leaders in UX, such as those at Atlassian, Meta and Google, all at no cost to your organization. Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge UX/UI consulting and mobile UX design to elevate your digital strategy.

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