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Student LunchBox Finds a Permanent Home in the Heart of Los Angeles!

Updated: Jan 29

Student LunchBox CEO Karlen Nurijanyan

We are thrilled to share some incredible news with you all today! After two long years of anticipation, we are honored to announce that Student LunchBox has found a permanent home in the heart of Los Angeles. This monumental achievement was made possible thanks to the unwavering support of generous donors, including GoldenTree Asset Management, Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, Whole Foods Market Foundation, Audrey & Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation, Student LunchBox's biggest fan Linda Robinson and many other remarkable individual and corporate supporters.

Our new home is a spacious 1,400-square-foot warehouse featuring high ceilings, and it will serve as the central hub connecting our services to over 7,000 students monthly in 10 colleges and universities. This development marks a significant milestone in combating food insecurity among college students. Your steadfast belief in our mission has expanded our capacity to effectively address the continuously rising demand for our services. A physical home enables us to strengthen the bonds within our community and extend a warm welcome to new partners who share our commitment to providing sustenance for our students. Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of our growth is that our current partners are working diligently to redouble their efforts in increasing food donations, reinforcing our collective determination to combat the urgent problem of campus hunger.

Student LunchBox Headquarters

With this new space, we are embarking on an even bigger mission: distributing over 600,000 pounds of food to college students by the end of 2024. This ambitious goal reflects our unwavering commitment to alleviating campus hunger. We are immensely grateful to our donors, partners, and supporters for making this dream a reality. Your generosity has provided Student LunchBox with a permanent home, expanded our capacity, and given us the opportunity to make an even greater impact in the lives of thousands of college students facing food insecurity.

As we move forward, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey and continue supporting our mission to provide sustenance and hope to students in need.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight against campus hunger

One Lunch at a Time.



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